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Phynia is taking an extended break from teaching in 2024. Stay tuned in to her Facebook page for updates about performances, bookings and potential workshop opportunites.

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As a teacher of Middle Eastern Dance, Phynia sees each student as a unique individual, with their own style and aims to help her students develop their own sense of self through dancing. She aims to uphold the art form and educate her students about the culture, language and traditions that are the roots of "Bellydance", as well as explore, experiment and create new works. Her approach to dance is holistic, with focal points in her classes including self-expression, playfulness, musicality and origins of music and movement, improvisation, engaging an audience as well as drilling technique and learning her signature moves and style. 

Phynia is very personal in her instruction and approaches teaching with playful humour and openness, creating an inclusive environment for all students in their diversity.

As well as an accomplished bellydance teacher and performer, Phynia is also a high school drama teacher which has broadened her outlook on performance and teaching.


Class Enquire Anchor

There's an amazing sense of family/sisterhood in Phynias classes, that of course also comes with all the other lovely women that are a part of Phynias classes also.

Beautiful atmosphere!

Would 200% percent recommend Phynias classes to anyone interested in bellydance!

Phynia Also Offers Bellydancing Entertainment

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