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Perth Bellydancer

Phynia is one of Perth’s most exciting Middle Eastern dance artists. Based in Fremantle, Western Australia, Phynia started her lifelong love affair with bellydance at the age of 8!


Her personal style embodies a mixture of both classical and contemporary bellydance through her unique use of dynamic movement and musical nuances, juxtaposed with gracefulness and fluidity.


Bellydance Performer

Exciting and engaging art in motion


Phynia is a professional bellydance performer renowned for her mesmerising skills, engaging audience interactions and contagious passion!


Bellydance Teacher

Inclusive and fun bellydance classes

Phynia is an accomplished bellydance teacher who celebrates student individuality and encourages self-expression and playfulness in her classes.

What we offer

There's an amazing sense of family/sisterhood in Phynias classes, that of course also comes with all the other lovely women that are a part of Phynias classes also.

Beautiful atmosphere!

Would 200% percent recommend Phynias classes to anyone interested in bellydance!

Phynia came to my fundraiser at the last minute with only 24hrs notice to perform for my guests.  She was amazing and really got the crowd going - interacting and belly dancing with the girls and boys. My guests have not stopped talking about how surprised they were and it was the highlight of their night. I would highly recommend Phynia for your next event.

When Phynia dances, her passion and love for performing radiates through to her audience, mesmerising her captive audience. Phynia is available to perform across all parts of Perth and surrounds and runs her dance classes in Beeliar, Cockburn.

From flourishing veil entrances to more traditional folkloric performances, Phynia's diversity, experience and professionalism make her the perfect choice for parties and stage events. Her authenticity and warmth in her interactions with her audience and students alike, make Phynia a highly sought-after performer and teacher.

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